Faithbooking Workshop

Creating a faithbook as part of your bible journaling is one of the most satisfying soul nourishments when you are having your quiet time. For me quiet time is spending time with God in all possible ways. There is no right or wrong for a specific way as long as it is about building a relationship with God. Some days I would feel like delving and digging deep into God’s Word, learning all that I want to learn, other times it is sitting down thinking about and doing some soul searching in where I want to be. Then there are times where I sit down and create a faith book.

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Your faithbook lessons are all about

  • Every Faith Book is unique
  • Binding your Faith Book
  • Front page of your Faith Book
  • Collaging your Faith Book
  • Finding your Elements
  • Bonus Resources

There is different styles that you can use for your faithbook.

  • Timeline – you can chronologically walk through your life and capture all the good moments and memories where God touched you in your life. Those times where you know God changed you and where you had to make big decisions in your life.
  • God moments – Journal those moments where you know God was at work within your life.
  • Inspirational  – Journal and capture scriptures, words, pictures, prayers that speak to your soul and which, are very special to you.
  • Gratitude – Journal all those moments that you are grateful for. Journal and reflect on why those moments are special for you.
  • Scriptures – Journal and gather scriptures that speak to your soul, explain why your scriptures are important to you.

As you go along in your day, gather pictures, scriptures, that speak to your soul that speak about God’s presence in your life.

What is the different questions you can ask for your faithbook?

  • What is the scripture that God gave to you when you were challenged?
  • Reflect on what God has done for you in the past 24 hours and journal your thoughts.
  • Write down the promises of God that speaks to your soul, and journal why it is important?
  • Journal prophetic words and phrases that was given to you.
  • Write down inspirational quotes and phrases that speaks to your soul.

What is the benefits of faithbooking?

  • Faithbooking increases our faith and keeps as a reminder for us to remember and reflect.
  • Faithbooking shifts the emphasis from ourselves to God and His work in our lives.
  • Faithbooking changes how we look at what God has done in our lives, where we focus on what God has done within us and not about ourselves.
  • Faithbooking focuses on where we are within our relationship with God and not just our activities.
  • Faithbooking helps us to focus and develop gratitude within our lives.
  • Faithbooking helps us to memorise God’s word.
  • Faithbooking reminds us of our core values and our belief in God.

How to begin your faithbooking journey?

  • Collect and gather references you want to use in your faithbook. Decide on a theme. Is your faithbook going to be a specific theme (Names of God) or about an timeline (event) in your life.
  • Use your phone for reference points, notes, memos when God speaks to you.
  • Collect and gather different kinds of paper and snippets along your way, use what you have in your faithbooking journey and don’t let the lack of supplies keep you from starting your journey.

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